HGH – Human Growth Hormone

HGH supplements – all you need to know about them!

You must have noticed that lots of talks are on regarding HGH supplements with people, particularly in the age group of 40-60 years. Have you been wondering as what is all this humdrum about? Well, in that case, you have come to the right place to know about HGH supplements. Read on and you will gradually come to know of almost all the things, which are associated to HGH.

What is HGH and what is its function in the body?

When you are talking of HGH and HGH supplements, it is very important to know what HGH is at the first place. For your kind information, HGH is nothing but human growth hormones. Do you remember you read about them in your biology subject in school? The human growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland, which is located right at the base of the human brain. This hormone helps in regulating various important functions in the body including growth and development. When this hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and released in the blood, it helps in taking care of cell growth in the body. Not only this, the size of the cells, their division, their ways of absorption of carbohydrates and fats, their way of releasing protein and many other functions are controlled by the human growth hormones.
Along with handling the cell functionalities, the human growth hormones also play a pivotal role in stimulating the muscles, the liver and all other important tissues in the human body. It is considered as one of the primary fuels which helps the body to run and function in the optimal manner. It is evident from the name that growth and development in children is controlled with the help of these hormones in the body. The hormones also play an important role in maintaining good condition of the body.
There is also another interesting attribute of human growth hormones. It helps in reducing fat in the human body, but increases lean muscle mass at the same time. This is possible as the hormones boost the metabolism in the body and burn the extra fat and calories, thus reducing weight. Since it takes care of cell repair and regeneration, smooth and younger looking skin is also maintained in the body. With adequate amount of human growth hormones in the body, you will feel and look healthy and young.

The connection between aging and human growth hormones

Someone asked me one day if we have human growth hormones in the body, why do we age? This was an interesting question indeed. But the fact is that time does not wait and with passage of time, we all age. With aging, the natural levels of HGH in the body decline. The levels of human growth hormones are the highest in kids and adolescents as they are in their growth and development phase. The levels of HGH start dropping gradually and the changes can be felt when you are in your 30s. From the 40s to 60s, the changes become quite prominent. You can feel the difference not only in the body, but also in the mental state and functioning.

Along with aging, lifestyle also has an important role to play in declining HGH levels in the body. It has been proved in scientific research that if you followed a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise and healthy eating habits, you could keep your pituitary gland active for a longer period of time. This would in turn keep the levels of HGH high in the body. People who follow these look younger, fitter and healthier than many other people in their same age group. There is decline in the HGH levels, true, but the decline is comparatively slower.

What to do with really low levels of HGH in the body?

There is nothing to get upset when you find out that HGH levels in your body are quite low and hence you have various kinds of issues. Medical science is making progress by leaps and bounds in these matters and bringing out solutions for the toughest of problems. When it comes to low levels of HGH, you can start HGH supplements for restoring the lost levels of the hormone. Infact there is also the option of human growth hormone replacement, where the lost levels of hormones are restored completely for better change. Once the low levels of HGH are replenished in the body, the various processes and functions in the body are restored back. Vitality and well-being of an individual is guaranteed. The person gets high levels of energy and looks and feels younger by many years.

Different forms in which HGH supplements are available

If you browse through the internet, you will be flooded with information on various kinds of HGH supplements. Innumerable companies are manufacturing these supplements as their demands are quite high in the market. However, lots of questions are raised regarding the authenticity and effectiveness of the products. You will see that many of such products have been branded as spam as well. Therefore very careful choices have to be made to ensure that you are getting the right product.

Basically, there are three forms in which these HGH supplements are available in the market. They are:

  • HGH supplements/releasers
  • HGH oral sprays
  • HGH injections

Let us discuss a little on each of the variants so that you have clear understanding of these:

HGH supplements/releasers – Many of you might not know but there are differences between a supplement and a releaser. The supplements will just supplement the body with HGH. But the releasers will stimulate the pituitary gland in secreting more and more amount of HGH. The supplements mainly come in the form of tablets or capsules and are recommended to be taken before bedtime. The reason for this is that the pituitary gland is most active during the time we sleep.

HGH oral sprays – Though HGH oral sprays are found quite abundantly in the market, but in most of the cases, they have been found not to be very useful. The HGH molecules in the sprays cannot penetrate the intestinal, oral or stomach membranes and hence are not effective. Some sprays claim that they can penetrate the membranes, but actually there has been no evidence of the same.

HGH injections – The greatest benefit of using HGH injections is that it enters the blood stream directly and provides instant positive results. But the only problem with this kind of HGH supplementation is the high expense associated to the same. These injections are overtly expensive and many of them come with bad side effects as well. These are mainly synthetic drugs and might be very painful as well.
Majority of the HGH supplements which are available claim to be ‘natural’. However, there are some or other kind of synthetic elements present in the same, which have proved to be harmful for the body. Until and unless you do intensive research on the ingredients which are used in the making of the supplements, you will not know what is actually there in the product. There are only few selected HGH supplements, which actually have ‘natural’ ingredients. The pituitary gland is activated with the herbal formulas so that more amount of human growth hormones is secreted from the gland. With the herbal formulas used in the supplement, there are no chances of any kinds of harmful side effects taking place as well.

Some popular HGH supplements available today

As mentioned previously, there are innumerable HGH supplements which are available in the market. However, all of them are not safe to use and cause various kinds of side effects. After lots of research, three products have been found, which are superior in quality and provide desirable results. The efficiency and the quality of these three products cannot be questioned. It is true that the results might vary from one individual to another, but there are positive results for sure. Three of these products include the following:

GenF20 Plus

Genf20 PlusWhen talks of effective HGH supplements are on the rounds, GenF20 Plus features top in the list. With success rate of 98%, this supplement is combination of oral spray and capsules. The product comes with 67-days money back guarantee. Combinations of vitamins and amino-peptides and Alpha GPC make the supplement highly effective. Alpha GPC is a new ingredient which is tried in the supplement for boosting the levels of HGH in the body. Overall wellbeing and youthful looks and appearance is guaranteed with the intake of this supplement as recommended. The supplements are manufactured in a FDA certified lab. This product can also be ordered online without any prescription.

HGH Energizer

With success rate of almost 92%, HGH Energizer is an excellent HGH supplement, which is available in the form of capsules. The effectiveness of the product is one of the primary reasons for the popularity of the product. This supplement is an excellent anti-aging product, which comes with the guarantee of combating the signs of aging from appearing on skin. With this HGH supplement, it is possible to gain lean muscle mass, lose excessive weight and optimize brain functionalities. Overall healthy body and mind is guaranteed with the supplement. Since the supplement does not need any kind of prescription, ordering the product online is not a problem at all.

HyperGH 14X

HyperGHThis is the final product, which is there in this list and comes with success rate of 90%. This product is comparatively new when compared to the other two products mentioned above. It has been seen that this HGH supplement is highly successful for men, who want to build up more muscle mass at higher and faster rate than normal. This supplement is simply great for building hard lean muscle mass, for getting extra energy for the gym, for considerably less body fat and for mental boost up. The main components that make up this product include HGH amino acid releasers and other HGH factors. Different kinds of potent herbal ingredients are used in the dietary supplement causing no side effects. It is recommended to take the supplement (both the capsule and the spray) twice a day for most effective results. Manufactured in a FDA compliant cGMP certified laboratory, there is no question raised on the quality of the supplement.

For ordering all these three excellent HGH supplements, you have to visit their official website and place online order for the same. The products will be delivered to the mentioned address in the order form.

What are the benefits obtained from HGH supplements?

It is quite natural that when you look to start HGH supplements, you must be interested of the benefits that the products offer. Here are some of the most commonly known benefits obtained from the items:

  • Helps in stimulating the activity of pituitary gland in the body and thus helps in increasing the natural levels of human growth hormones in the body
  • Helps in increasing lean muscle mass in the body
  • Plays a pivotal role in weight loss and effective weight management
  • Helps in reducing fat from the body by boosting metabolism
  • Helps in reducing bad cholesterol and improves levels of good cholesterol in the body
  • Helps in combating serious health issue like diabetes
  • Helps in improving sex drive and libido and betters sexual performance and experience
  • Helps in improving energy levels and stamina
  • Helps in improving brain functioning and betters cognitive abilities
  • Helps in fighting anxiety and depression significantly
  • Helps in improving attention, concentration and focus to a great extent
  • Ensures overall mental well being
  • Helps in keeping the skin in good condition
  • Helps in combating signs of aging from appearing on the skin
  • Ensures overall wellbeing of an individual physically and mentally

Reputation and reliability of HGH supplements

Before you finalize on a particular HGH supplement, you must always check the reliability and reputation of the same. And for this, there is no better way than checking out product reviews from trusted sites like this one! We list some of the best HGH supplements here and you can read about these in details before taking the final plunge.